• the_feline_warrior_girl 55w

    Heartbreaks & Hope

    Letting someone break your heart, isn't it your fault? I only gave him the power to do that. Feeling of bitterness, cynicism prevails. Though I am usually not the types to feel cynical about love. That notion has always been so strong in my mind and heart. My whole life has been on the notion of love. How am i letting this one break that notion too, not just my heart. Aren't we supposed to keep some powers to ourselves. I am feeling numb, not that I haven't gone through a heart break before, but why does this one seem different and difficult. Maybe because this was the true love finally. Or is it again just my illusion? I am yet to find "the one". Do I even want to? Everyone preaches - don't look for the " One" , be your own best "one" . Is that even possible however much I love myself. Where do I give that love, romance, passion that one can only feel for a man, a companion, a partner in bed & otherwise. Friends, cousins, colleagues, can they ever take that place. No, nobody can. A woman's need for a man will remain. I wish I didn't have that need but it's there, very strong, truly deserving too. Then where is my "the one". I am already on the finer side of 40. How long do I need to keep looking and how many more heartaches & heartbreaks. Who would fall in love with a heart filled with so much cynicism. I wish one day someone will. But i am not looking out anymore!