• thataviguy 54w

    Let's go.
    Take my hand let's walk the shore.
    Go back to what we've lost,
    All the things we did before.
    All the memories we made!
    And the stupid things we did
    Back when we were just kids
    Before the sweet goodbyes,
    That we had to bid.

    I know,
    That you've been so alone.
    I know you missed my arms,
    When the nights were getting cold.
    Trust me I know the pain,
    Cuz I've been just the same.
    With tears down my cheek,
    In the nights of pouring rain.

    The way that your eyes shine,
    Like stars in the night sky.
    And you right by my side,
    Taking me to cloud 9,
    This love, it just feels right!


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