• adathewriter 60w

    No matter what

    Even when it's all gone,
    Your lovely smile for one,
    I don't think I can stop,
    It is just you I love.
    Allow me to surround you,
    My love and nothing else,
    Let me be the reason for your why,
    Trust me to never cause your cry.
    I want to be seen in your twinkling lights,
    Can't you see that this feels right,
    I'm not committing a crime,
    All I'm doing is loving you,
    No matter what even in your prime.
    Let me be like the air you breathe,
    Becoming vital just as you are to me,
    Listen to the rhythm of my heart,
    It's asking to sing you a song.
    I want all you have to give and then more so I can live,
    I'm not trying to be difficult, all I'm saying is I love you regardless of what.