• mhnhsn 77w

    A love....A lie.

    A love .... A lie,
    An Ecstasy,
    A mere Fantasy,
    A realm of imagination,
    We sought after our life long.
    A love .... A lie,
    A game of changing hearts,
    Sometimes you, sometimes else,
    Same deluge of words...
    False promises,
    Same story again.
    A love .... A lie,
    No chorinicle of love been made,
    Many games in name of love..
    Been played,
    No device to measure broken Hearts,
    This game is on, since this universe starts.
    A love .... A lie,
    Millions of lines written,
    Numerous quotable quotes,
    Unending lovestories piles every where,
    Make me ever wonder,
    Does love really exist?
    A love .... A lie,
    Making hell out of the world,
    Dieing for one another,
    Then what is falling apart??
    Where's this chaos start?
    A love .... A lie,
    Love is a disillusionment...
    A treaded path,
    We all love for expectations,
    A matter of give n take,
    Once this is gone,
    We realize A love.... A lie.
    Mhn Hsn poetic endeavors.