• scribbling_streaks 62w

    My desires ain't much different
    from yours.
    With the brush of amity
    I Want to fill the abstract of life.

    A desire to eliminate the stormy clouds,
    So the sun could look brighter and
    daffodils could bloom again.
    And the galaxy could teach its own history.

    A desire to get my heart free
    from all the restraints,
    So it will do less harm with itself.
    Yeah the same heart which is overpowering mind,
    Like it's on a self-destructive subway.

    A desire of knowing myself more
    Without taking an advantage
    of being broken,
    Or feeling pity in my own eyes.

    And a desire of not desiring anything,
    Because it's too much to ask
    In this already wrecking world.
    I maybe can wait to desire
    When I know I am doing fine,
    just fine.

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