• lady_midnight 34w

    When autumn meets winter

    From fallen leaves to icy lanes, it's been a month. We don't talk that often, but there is your voice lingering in my head, always in open-ended arguments. You still remember the color of my eyes, or the sound of my laughter, and I still remember how satirical you are.

    Those icy lanes turn into winter burrows and our memories resemble the foggy windows of your home. Cold winds whisper déjà vu and for a moment you find the warmth my name sparked in your heart.

    And after every clash of winter and fall, the sandcastle of memories drown a little and we forget each other; lingering like an old song without lyrics but watching the same stars, some miles and decisions apart.

    Someday, you'll come across a poetry, metaphorically becoming me, a girl you used to know and I'll give you away, in stories yet to be told.