• czarcasm 21w

    @writersnetwork been a minute ik but hi :) decided to tag you on a sort of inspiring one.. well ig it's more about courage
    #poetry #poem #rise #scars #hope #courage

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    Sometimes I wish I could retake that road
    Pull back on a mistake
    Even though I know the actions of my past define the future

    Sometimes I wish I could turn on the lights
    So I could see the mistakes before they came
    Even though I know I would make them again

    Sometimes I wish they could feel how sorry I am
    So that I can finally forgive myself
    Even though I know they never will

    The mistakes I made I wear like my scars
    Stories of past lives untold
    Simple things that ricochet through feelings
    Shattering even my own heart

    I'm not perfect but no one is
    We each shed the same color blood
    How is it there is favoritism
    When there was no favorite to begin with

    All these excuses I make to validate myself
    Are just excuses
    I don't need them
    But I do

    All of your anger I take
    I can be the reef protecting the shore from your angry winds
    For I will remain long after even you

    All of these lessons I learn
    Willing to get scarred again
    But courageous enough to walk through the flame
    For I know I'll rise