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    One day a witch who had a half burnt face and wounds in her body, herself wrapped in a black blanket with a pointed hat was walking through a lonely road. Suddenly a sacred rain fell over her , a storm took away her blanket and hat.
    What a magic!
    Her wounds began to heal by it's own. Then she read the tarots.
    "Someone from the past is coming back, it will bring you abundance, the only thing you need to do is love yourself.. your future is bright".
    Is tarots making her an optimist again?
    Somehow she began to nurture herself.. her wounds and burns healed almost fully. Her skin became smooth, grey hair turned black.. and now she became the pretty old Cinderella.
    Then she met him, page of wands.
    She was his queen of pentacles once.
    The witch became younger and charming as in the past. The overflow of dopamine in her blood made her a little angel.
    But he can't stay. He must go, for his empress.
    "Be with me, atleast for now".
    How can he ignore that?
    Some of the wounds and burns were made by him, although he loved her.. The best way for an atonement.
    She started living, she laughed in real.
    It's time to go.
    Things are getting changed. Her skin got stretched again.
    "Try thinking not going back"
    Polite request couldn't change him.
    Now, It's time for a seduction. She offered him an 'untouched sculpture'.
    But he can't stay!
    Her voice isn't sweet anymore.
    "Please don't abandon me.. I beg you."
    She fell on her knees and touched his feets.
    Sentiments too didn't work.
    He must go.
    She is getting transformed.
    She will be the same old witch if she get the blanket and hat back.
    She knew , she will be the cruel witch again.
    "I am moving on.. please don't curse me".
    She said cold hearted.

    "Hey you, what happened to you? Be Cinderella, the real you"

    "Real me?"
    I have a lot of me inside, don't know which one you mean.
    "The compassionate one?"
    "The selfless one?"
    "The nurturing one?"
    "The honest one?"
    You have only seen these. But there is
    "The uncompassionate , selfish, disastrous, deceitful and devious one."
    "I wish you don't see that".
    I am not an angel my dear, please don't curse me ... I want to show you my good face only...
    So please, let me go before you do.

    Her talks provoked him a bit.
    "Oh, you are taking advantage of my favour?"
    I shouldn't have stayed, I swear.
    He took his wands and touched her wounds so rude. He chanted some rude mantras.

    "Don't do, my tears might burn you".
    I know I am making you uncomfortable.. Thank you so much for the good time you spent with me, thanks for the favour.. I am moving on.. Even my thoughts won't disturb you again, wish you all the happiness and prosperity in future.

    She walked away slowly.
    There is a witch in every human ; in other words, we are all humans basically��. His rude chantings started reconstructing the human in her. Gentle man! The emperor who never cheated his empress. All men aren't the same.

    She climbed up a mountain and turned the hermit mode on.

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