• chezeriel 33w


    I forgot to thank you
    of your warm embrace
    on my empty heart.
    I forgot to thank you
    in the absence of happiness,
    you humbly offer yourself
    to fill the hole within my soul
    for me to realize I'm still alive.
    I know you're a good friend,
    you always gave my head a pat,
    my heart a kiss that's so deadly
    I feel suffocated.
    I failed to enjoy your presence,
    you're not yet around but
    I already hated you.
    You wouldn't blame me, will you?
    You're like a strict teacher,
    though your teachings are good
    I'm still scared of you.
    I admit, I'm not a good listener,
    giving you dead air, putting
    myself in isolation, then those
    people that loves me will know
    you're within me, they'll start
    hating you for putting me in misery.
    I had already forgotten to thank you
    and now I want people to despise you.
    I'm sorry.
    With an embarrassed heart
    and grieving conscience,
    lover of pleasure.