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    I had a beautiful flower in my tummy,
    I thought I would be getting a fruit very yummy.
    He was about to be my identity but,
    I got cursed by the term 'fertility'.
    That was a totally strange feeling like,
    inside me, someone was fighting.
    I thought he would become a lawyer but,
    he turned out to be a warrior.
    My ears are still craving to hear 'mom',
    I thought I would call him by the name 'My Talking Tom'.
    I was unknown that one day his body will remain but I would never get him alive,
    and by the time, I would meet him, he would've gone on a long drive.
    That time something got dropped and Broked in my stomach, but I didn't hear.
    He needed help but,
    that particular time I didn't feel.
    When I realised, as if my body remained stable and my soul also cried but,
    I swear with a lot of efforts I tried.
    Until a while ago, he was alive like a bud of a flower but,
    not able to fight because had not enough power. He was cute but I didn't know that,
    was also ready to mute.
    I am still shocked that either I could not be a good mother or he was not a capable son.
    Might I didn't get this boon to be a mother and don't wanna try for this any further,
    because I can't suffer by this grief and pain,
    it's like a havoc has stuck my heart.
    I can't bear the pain of losing another child of my own and can't take one more curse given by him. This happened because it's all my own sin.
    Sorry, my baby I didn't let you win.

    #mirakee #POD

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