• sukanya94 48w

    Back after four years!

    I used to be a regular here.
    Writing poetry here was for me like having a glass of whiskey neat before you sleep.
    Writing here,putting my poetry here worked more like a medicine than just the passion for poetry.

    Made a lot of friends here.Used to bleed in words in my worst time.I dont know how many of you still remember me (@sukanya94)maybe ,but I had quite a lot of people who appreciated my writeups(@sagarikawrites ,I used to call her the golden bird )maybe she remembers a little or maybe not.It is okay even if she does not, she was the first I interacted over here,a beautiful one.Mostly my poetry imbued with darkness,chaos.
    I never shyed away from putting up even my worst self ,putting up my traumatic childhood stories,dysfunctional family stories,emotional turmoil and what not a human goes through through my poetry !Oh yes,the most insane a person gets is the one when you think you love someone and that person scoops out your heart mercilessly and you keep becoming a living corpse .

    But I used to come here ,just like a regular customer in her favourite bar walking up to her nearest place and ordering a glass of whiskey neat because she is already too flustered with an emptiness, dragging herself because she breathes yet she still tried to end her life everyday out of emptiness.I used to come and write here , like the increasing burn in throat while emptying the glass of whiskey ,I used to put out my poetry,my heart out here because the silence I drank used to burn my throat everyday.Mirakee kept me sane,poetry saved me.

    But a little insanity and chaos is necesary right,or else you won't enjoy your whiskey neat.Likewise you may describe me maybe as of now: a beautiful patchwork of chaos and insanity.

    Here I am after 2017,after a "rainbow of events" in life and just a month after my dad's death , drenced in the storm but walking out strong.

    Just like a woman,who is back to her favourite bar and who still now wants to take a whiff of her place which was a part of her life once,I am here to smell the words in air here,in her favourite bar of words.
    But she has changed a lot too,so maybe she is not going to order her whiskey neat this time.Maybe a bottle of beer to relax and contemplate.

    So I am here after a long time,after four years I guess ,to put out some of my thoughts which have made me little dizzy,here I am writing again from the bottle of my mind and put again,lot of those fizzy words here.

    (Thank you)