• czarcasm 12w


    A hunger not satisfied by silly little words
    I breathe you in as the sun sets over your shoulder
    The caressing hand between my thighs
    Excited me, hoping no one was in sight
    The reflection of light against the water
    Sensually encircled each one of your muscles
    Making my mouth dry Id need more than water
    I need your skin on top of mine

    Kisses marked invisibly on my skin
    Makes me grab your hair
    Oh god please do it again
    I don't care if someone hears my moan of passion
    You are the master
    And my appreciation, always vocalized
    Making me grow even more frustrated
    When you say I can't touch you

    Pin my arms above my head, then
    Your skin is too tempting for me to hold back
    I lust for you as moisture crawls down my thigh
    Tickling with promises just in sight
    I'm just hoping we both can last until the night

    Yet here we both are
    Laying beneath the rising moon
    Gasping breaths, writhing bodies
    Both fighting for a moment if control
    My nipples hard the rub against your chest
    As I protest to my sudden stop of movement
    I want to be able to place my nails mark upon your skin
    But you won't relent
    Driving me crazy with a passion unfelt from any other

    My whimpers increase as your hand goes down
    Before settling between my legs
    You know I want you
    That much is evident
    By the moisture upon your fingers
    As you taste the beautiful essence of me

    My skin all the more heated
    When you finally enter me
    My cries loud enough to be answered by an owl
    The stars watching over us unabashed
    And I reach my tipping point
    Explosion of colors and sounds I lose myself
    Completely with just your hand
    You've made me cum
    But I know that you are far from done
    As you finally truly enter me
    My walls welcoming you in with tears of joy
    I'm finally able to catch my breath as you stare into my eyes
    So beautiful the lovemaking of ours
    That I can in a way
    Thank the stars

    Fevered skin pressed together
    My shirt pulled up, chest exposed
    I arch my back in endless bliss
    As you degrade me, I'm your whore
    The sound of the contact of skin
    Makes me bite my lip
    Because I feel those feelings rushing back
    And I can't help but moan louder.
    Slowly losing control with you our moans almost in perfect symphony
    I bite your neck as we both let go
    Enjoying the warmth of our juices within