• lovelighttt 92w

    What, Why

    What if we are not age, but simply taught we are,
    So once we believe we are older we actually become older?
    Why is the soul forever young, the heart forever free?
    Why do we yearn for youth, yet hope for old age bliss?
    What if we chose to go by the time of the sun and moon rather than the time on our watches?
    Why do we pay for what nature gives freely?
    Why if the Earth provides abundance, do we not share in it?
    Why does serving a higher power have to be restricted to worship in a building?
    Who created this cycle of colorism?
    What created the social stigma of rich and poor?
    Why is education that's meant to stimulate the free mind, so restrictive in it's price for knowledge?
    Why are their so many charities, yet so many still in need?
    What is the cost to plant the sustainable seed?