• zealous_xpression 17w

    With you

    I once heard that practice does not

    Make perfect, it makes permanent.

    And lately I’ve practiced the art of

    Of losing myself in the abys of my thoughts–


    It’s like being starved so much

    You forget how food tastes.

    Like your lungs have become an Alzheimer’s

    Patient at the thought of fresh air.


    At first you still feel weighed down.



    Even at the hand of comfort.


    I guess it’s what happens when you’re

    Used to seeing mirages –

    The lakes in front of you

    Begin to feel like propaganda.


    But when you find your safe house

    You need not think too hard

    Or try to find the words to emotions which

    Have no translation.


    When the realization settles

    That I am safe,

    My trauma becomes a friend that

    I have outgrown.

    I begin remembering what peace feels like-

    A familiarity from a past life.


    For so long I have practiced just surviving,

    You have helped me make a habit out of living.

    ©zealous_xpression @akiraj_