• prasannakkumar 38w

    Title : true wisdom

    Seek the true wisdom
    rather than bookish knowledge,
    it only shows
    how to make the living,
    or may be means of earning,
    it's not totally disagreed fact,
    making ourselves fit
    to the business of world order,
    in order
    to earn few bucks
    to feed the stomach of kids
    and household gang,
    it's no denying fact,
    but, yes
    true wisdom never
    comes only by learning
    technical aspects,
    but, it's a process of acquiring
    knowledge by studying
    people and the realms,
    it's an endless journey
    you find, wisdom is
    yet to begotten,
    Knowing and knowledge
    both are independent to each other
    remember that.

    ©Prasanna Kkumar
    Image source: google

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