• harvest_of_mind 96w

    Addressed to Sun/God/beloved

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    Limited edition

    Oh ! The adorable one..
    as you take your eyes away,
    beaming life droops down,
    again at your magical touch,
    the wilted life comes alive.
    The source of all light, life and energy,
    dispelling gloom, death and lethargy.

    Energy beam splits into riot of colours..
    flowers bloom, butterflies flutter,
    lending beauty and cheer to dull matter.
    Your Midas-touch bestows..
    all that is dear to living fraternity-
    life, energy, cheer and beauty,
    I bow my head in adoring humility.

    You are the whole, I am a part,
    you are full-blaze, I am a mere spark,
    I am silvery-cool, you are molten gold.
    Earthly intellect, abilities, love and emotions..
    are mere shades of your inconceivable version.
    Your limits are beyond mind's horizon..
    surpassing my humble imagination.
    You are the royal-splendor..
    I am your limited-edition.