• anji_seth 16w

    Best Man

    I felt lost in his eyes,
    I can see myself in his laugh and in his cries.
    He is A best man,
    He keeps telling me that 'You Can'.
    He believes in him,
    And doesn't let my spark get dim.
    I know he will protect me in his arms,
    And He impresses me everytime with his charms.
    When I met him first,
    He had already won my trust.
    I told him late,
    As I needed to clean my past slate.
    I know he's the one and I also believe in him,
    And Together we will always Win.
    Still If I lost him at sometime,
    I don't want him to be lost in the past time.
    I want him always in the better place,
    Where he can do everything in his happy space.