• aarva_ 60w


    A phase of time only in our imaginations,
    Came out of movies; to life,
    The world is more uncertain than ever before,
    The future of mankind is on strife.
    This time it’s a war,
    A war against mankind and humanity,
    This calls for instinctive responsible citizen,
    Who can act vigilantly with sanity?
    No need to panic,
    No need to go out,
    The cure is all around us,
    Just to be aware it’s all about.
    Second, comes the sanitizer,
    Keep a bottle with you always,
    Use it every time you touch some anonymous thing,
    Joining hands instead of shaking hands is no disgrace.
    No time for political or ideological rivalries,
    No more religion upheavals,
    The time calls for unity and support,
    Let’s stock up with more of joy love and also good leaders.
    A mask on your mouth,
    And shades over your eyes,
    Still try to quarantine yourself,
    For the goodwill of others and your own life.
    Let this self isolation,
    Be a period of healing,
    Stay away from all the stress and negativities,
    Which on a daily basis you were dealing.
    A spark of carelessness,
    Or denial of any amendment,
    Or mere lack knowledge,
    Can change the world into a lifeless wasteland.
    This is the time to think,
    As WE, not ME,
    Otherwise, we are not away from,
    The end of humanity you see.
    Stay in, stay safe,
    Stay healthy and clean,
    Stay relaxed and happy.