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    I was gonna die, as I didn't had anyone
    After all, it was my fault. I said sorry too but people had other options
    Well, i was improving. It was difficult overall, but I was fighting,
    But they thought I'm acting
    They made me alone, as I shed my tears throughout the night,
    When I thought my life was over, she entered.

    Drowning I was in her eye, as she saw me.
    She was a magician, she made me fade in this perfect autumn,
    Jealousy was inside me, when everyone used to see her,
    Love at first sight exist as everyone said but I didn't believe,
    Well, her flamboyance made my opinion look wrong,
    Everytime she walked on that road, my body started shivering, I didn't know why?
    It felt like a scar, as I needed her,
    Everytime she stepped, I felt her footsteps,
    Ironically, when I close my eye, she came everytime on to my scene
    I felt it was real
    Damn, it wasn't
    After all, everything happens for a reason.

    I danced idiotically, as I imagine her in the mirror,
    After all, my Life went on a different level
    I started breathing her,
    It was an addiction, as she drench in every part of my body,
    Damn wherever I walked, she came outta no where
    It made me difficult to concentrate, as I got fallen in her presence
    She made my life difficult ,
    Her smile was only the reason which kept me happy.

    As the road was gathered with the flamboyance of a tree,
    The days passed but she didn't marched her step,
    And I kept waiting for her angelic presence,
    But she was missing, wasn't she ?
    I started finding her at every edge, infact every corner
    Beacuse she was the only thing I wanted to touch,
    I wanted to see eclipse of her,as she use to fathom my heart everytime
    As it was the only reason why heart beat for.

    And that's when I thought I got the reason to live, she disappeared
    What would you do when Karma bites you ?
    My life went back again through the dark, as I thought I'm not the one who deserve her,
    How could she leave me so unexpected ? I needed her
    It was the pain, which I couldn't explain,
    Relationship was with no one,
    There were people around me,
    Every time the people looked me, they laughed
    And with this essence of life, I gotten lost somewhere
    I sat in the dark, suicidal thoughts arise to chosen me
    I was not the real me after all
    And after passing the days, I chose to become a writer,
    Because this was the only place I felt alive,
    Now , that's what the destiny meant me to be
    And the boy inside of me still awaits
    knowing she will be back one day.

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