• acrystalgirl 87w

    Something is different today
    the sky is changing its color like
    it telling the different stories of love to birds.

    And I'm wondering why I'm looking at the sky.
    And my thoughts are stopped by my phone.

    My phone beeps and I opened it, it's unknown number

    “Hey, it's me, Theo I hope you haven't
    forgotten about me, I try to text you,
    call you but you haven't replied,
    looks like you blocked me.
    I just wanted to talk to you.
    I don't want anything else.
    I'm so confused and
    I don't know how to explain it to you.
    I'm coming to your home tomorrow at 5 pm, bye”.

    I'm started to murmuring to myself he's coming,
    he's coming like an enchantment.

    I replied to him with 4 dots.

    I know I can't stop him now
    it's too late I can't ignore him forever.

    Some nights I think about myself
    and let my thoughts wander
    in every path in away from head to heart.
    I'm not normal I guess sometimes and
    sometimes I think like I don't want anything.
    Last night I was staring at the ceiling
    and suddenly I thought why
    I'm caged in someone else's memory.
    Why it's so hard to love
    two people at the same time.
    Why can't we love everyone all time?

    Why we give tagged to every relationship
    why we can't stay as just normal person
    then suddenly someone in my head said
    that because we are not normal people
    that's why you're writing this weird
    kind of something at 3 Am.

    I have a chance to mend
    these broken pieces before
    they flew in the sky and
    become my night star.
    But I'm so scared that I will
    hurt myself at the end so badly.
    I don't dare to love someone now.
    These words are also becoming unfamiliar to me.
    I hope you will save me from my love.
    I'm just a girl for whom plucking
    a flower from her own garden has become so hard.



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