• tanya_v 39w

    Thanku ❤

    I don't know how to start and from where to start.. You all are gem of life.. The people who taught us the real meaning off friendship. Thanku Tarun Mama for creating this amazing happiness.

    When we lost our father we lost her smile but the ways you all hugged her with love and care makes me emotional sometimes.. Because now when I see, I see her Each day smiling and this is only because of Masti ki paathshala .

    Mili masi , Namita masi, Phathak mama,jai Mama..i will never be able to thanku you people for the amazing care you guys do for her..Thanku for making your Nidhi laugh again..❤ Lots of love to my both lovely massi's

    #27years of friendship..

    Aap sabki