• rebeltease 30w

    Power Of Persuasion

    Persuasion is the strongest force,
    being very suggestive of sorts, 
    Unembellished eloquent behavior,
    one that other’s can savior, 
    An ingenious good but evil style,
    boarding slightly untruthful all the while,
    Giving the power of the suggested word,
    when one speaks the words are heard,  
    But if one was to use them correctly,
    they’d work perfectly yet subjectively
    To persuade and to seductively entice,
    smoothly achieving an ultimate end so precise,
    the result what primal instinct
    wants in response,
    with such flippant nonchalance, 
    Be it so sweet and spiritless, the use of words are limitless, if slick and vigorous,
    they will become impetus, 
    Just believe, in the power to weave,
    suggestive words to the naive, 
    You see I’ve made this observation,
    following with concentration, any conversation,
    can bring in a compensation, I’d bet my reputation!