• _serenity 9w

    End : an extremely short lived story.

    Meet me after the winter of saudade
    under the sky, painted with tangerine
    shades of melancholic yearning,
    I etched in the browning unsent letters.
    I will wait for you, with snowdrops
    and camellias, I preserved over the
    harsh winds of relentless loneliness.
    You left me three winters ago,
    promising that someday when the cold
    zephyrs return back home so will you.
    The imprint of your touch is freshly
    carved above my insecure chest
    and my blood still emanates the
    scents of our beguiling memories.
    Bring me the white gloved smiles
    you carry inside the corners of your eyes,
    and a bit of time, for it has been long
    that I cried on your shoulder, or cry at all.
    Meet me after the winter of saudade
    I promise the onset of next spring,
    will be the end of our love story.