• priyachetry 55w

    Revealed my camouflage story

    I was hiddenite behind the branches of my vehemence
    i.,e my great forcefulness expression

    I'm overstretched~persuaded~sophomore

    And being born in 20th century and spitting distance from 20th -21th century took me f**king fiscal year.

    Fourteen hours of regular frustrating stuffs get back to my tomorrow like today
    Imagining how tired my soul must be.
    Trying to get relaxe.
    I wondered into deep sleep
    Where the whole body reduced consciousness and lack of tendency to wake to slight touch or notice

    Have you ever felt like that?
    That you then wanted to sleep for a thousand years
    Just not exist. Just not be aware that you exist
    Sometimes like that?

    Thousands of thoughts defining mind and body
    Then the devil's arise.
    Someone trying to reach out
    With real Destructive nature.
    Continuous exploit~mistreatment

    Suddenness arouses finds darkness surrounded
    Shadow's hunting, involving physical force.
    Darkness twirl into breathlessness
    Beauty sleep whril.
    motionlessly turned out sopor nightmare