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    Things / Places / People I belong to :

    1. The visor of the roof of my house when it rains

    2. Grandma's old wooden chair kept in the kitchen

    3. The lisping voice of my youngest sister

    4. The tiny earthen pot that holds my name

    5. The surma in the golden coloured small vial

    6. Ghazals in Abbu's diaries kept on the top shelf of my room

    7. Crescent moon and the pink sky

    8. His hum on calls while I ask him to hold on until I take the last two sips of my coffee

    9. The blue scarf that Ammi gifted me last year

    10. His silence when I speak

    11. My best friend's secret visits at my home

    12. Star that I can see while lying on my bed

    13. The only musical note he knows and uses to sing all the old songs

    14. The til on his hand

    15. The smile on my mother's face

    16. His urdu poems