• i_faha 42w

    'I have no privacy. But I feel so alone.'
    - Susan Beth Pfeffer

    #paradox #mirakee #writersnetwork

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    It's 1:37 pm,
    and it hits,
    a thick blanket of malaise,
    and in that moment,
    I find myself aching to
    snuggle under it
    and self soothe.

    Fifty seven
    moments later,
    I wake up
    to discover myself,
    kneeling down,
    staring at the open fridge,
    beads of sweat condensing
    over my cupid's bow,
    an electric eerieness
    humming in my ears.

    And it hits once again.
    the slightly burnt, sweet char of
    roast chicken wings
    sizzling away in the pan,
    the cold draft of stale air
    on my sweaty lips,
    as my little one snatches away
    the blankie and shrieks,
    'Peekaboo, I found you!'

    /thank god, you did,
    I had almost lost myself/
    *Alexa, reschedule the breakdown at 11:11pm.*