• iamjass 168w

    I did bid a bye, I know.
    I am trying to come back. I'm trying you know?
    Pardon me, if I can't.
    Promise me you would still love me,
    if tomorrow I go.


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    A Solivagant's Home

    And they call me stronger
    but that's what I wanna show in barter
    Like an adirondack swing I forth to and fro
    as if on the swing of memories people come and go
    I never knew when I slept over the moss layer
    when my misery became a maven player
    If I knew before what telepathy could do
    I would overlook the blue
    Apart from springs I would have searched for home
    I would have asked the history
    from the ancient audiences, the pillers of Rome
    I mourn for the flowers which are abandoned at funerals
    oh, I'm not done with the ever tethered tears
    I miss the sun below the horizon
    I wake up at the beats of heart, so frozen
    I hear home, breathing, beneath me, perhaps
    I know not in which season and months
    Monsoon, you dwell so fine darlin'
    Winter, the icy breeze is just humming
    Autumn, I adore your solemn fall, serenely passing
    In spring, I dream my beloved is loving
    The breathing is alive, O' profound sound so
    I wonder where all the life did go
    The air layers move like a pendulum
    inside the drawer of my maple desk
    behind the mountains, ruling over my chest
    or the ocean layers, beckoning me for a voyage
    or the wildflowers, inviting me to break my cage
    Perhaps it's the four walls I live within
    or the retina, I capture the colours and summon
    Perhaps home isn't just one place
    For a dandelion, she makes home
    wherever she steps.