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    Any time you go through a storm,
    when it seems everything is going wrong, and your life is in chaos and your future is doomed, there is a simple yet profound recognition that frees you from this suffering.

    And that is to recognize that the chaos only exists because you are continuously projecting it in your mind. Worrying/stressing about the future can only exist in the form of thinking.

    Don't let your mind sabotage your peace in this moment by thinking about some imagined future. The storm is mainly this imagination.
    Simply stop feeding your thinking/worrying and snap your attention back to this moment right here right now. this endless Now is always the eye of the storm, and it is the only reality.

    When you return your attention back to reality, you realize you're just chilling on your chair/bed, completely peaceful in this moment with no real threats to you whatsoever, other than the threats of your own thoughts about the future.

    I can hear you say, "but I have real physical problems with real consequences that will come up, and they're terrible... "

    Yes I understand. There is some level of planning that is required ahead of time for some situations (a lot less than we imagine, but still). If you need to plan, then take a few minutes to plan. Do what is in your control and then LEAVE IT.

    Whatever happens will happen. Most of the time we spend the entire week worrying and freaking out about what will happen and trying to plan every little thing we'll do, and then when the time actually comes, something unexpected happens and everything just works itself out, one way or another.

    Maybe if you learned to be present and to flow with life instead of trying to force your projections onto life, you would start to see the opportunities that present themselves in each moment. Ironically, you would handle the situation better if you simply stay present rather than spending the entire week worrying about it.

    When you let go of trying to control how things go, you will start to see that life takes care of life. You will trust Life once again, like when you were a pure child. Then you'll see the peace and blessings that were here all along.

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    It is only your expectations
    and thoughts
    that stir up an illusion of a storm.
    of things gone wrong.

    In the eye of the storm
    aka in this moment
    right here, right now.
    there is a perfect stillness.
    a perfect peace.

    Stay as this silent stillness.