• thepoetzane 85w

    Micro Expression


    I'm Ryan. Would like to be my friend?

    Hold on 1 second just real quick please…

    Eh please dont touch the paintings I like them exactly the way that they are THANK YOU!

    That's fine, that's fine! Great!

    Wait did I tell you my last name is Woodson!?!?

    Oh… ok.

    Well I promise that if you're my friend I'll never let you be alone… No... not ever!

    Unless you want to be


    Do you like blood Rose's or Tiger Lillies?

    I dont like flowers but I'll get you some if your nice to me!

    Depressions mom said he could come out and play but little does she know me and him aren't best friends anymore cause all he wants to do is drain my happiness

    Welcome let the toxicity flow the like the rivers of ancient Babylon and my blood onto bathroom floor

    White tiled floor canvas... Ooo

    I told you it would be a great stage for finger painting

    A MASTERPIECE! look at all that life being brought to life, by life!

    How many pints of blood can you lose before you lose consciousness?

    I wonder if I multiply that by pi will I get circumference of what our bond used to look like.

    The only numbers I'm ever concerned with are my death date, do you know if they make caskets in midnight blue?
    I hope Santa will get me one for Christmas,
    Last year all I asked for was a razor blade and saint nick decided to call the cops… weird…

    I don't like anyone touching there…

    Yes there…

    And there…


    I've grown sick of your emptiness and now that my pale is empty I can see the bottom of your ship had a hole in it…

    Why do I even bother? Dont make me feel!

    Why make me feel close? Let me go like a dandelion!

    I told you I dont like flowers!

    I hope quantum physics is playing a dirty joke on me.

    -creates-an-alternate-time-line-completely-based-of-me -making-the-opposite-decisions-of-all-the-ones-I've-made… Ever.

    Do you think I'm unworthy of love in every universe? Or just this one?

    Did you know lobsters mate for life?!?!


    She called me a psychopath… and that's not a nice way to talk to someone you think is a psychopath!

    Am I wrong or am I desperate!?!?!?!?!?! Right!?!?!?

    Will you sit with me in my lonely?

    I promise I'll stay…

    You can beat me, degrade me, laugh at me, make fun of me, hurt me, torture me even…

    Just promise you'll cuddle me after I go into debt to prove my love for you… broke cuddles are the best!

    That's the real winners circle!

    I mean after all, I smiled while I put my head on the guillotine
    C'mon you sexy girl just let go of that string

    I'll love you for eternity while my head sits in a fruit basket

    Damn I love pineapples!

    She asked me "Are you like a crazy person?"

    "Thee crazy person at your service madam, Charmed I'm sure.."

    You look at me like my father and my father looks at me like I'm nothing so I guess you see the same man in mirror…

    No… I dont want to die mom…

    I just want to try and kill myself but I know that you wouldn't check on me in time for me to make it and I wouldn't be able to face my son in the afterlife.

    I cant save myself.

    No ones ever loved me enough for me to want to save myself.

    Will you be my friend again?