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    My pencil never fears to write,
    For eraser rescues to erase my mistake,
    I rewrite on a blank sheet so bright,
    To reflect on the words I need to bake.

    Sharpener is something I fear,
    It hurts to bloom from my comfort zone,
    But one decision I need to make clear,
    Either to change or be the old own.

    Correction pens make no sense,
    For mistakes with ink can be striked off,
    But sometimes strikes look so immense,
    So I scar it white quite oft.

    Painted my misery with highlighter pen,
    My teardrops faded colours in a jiffy,
    Heart raced at the speed of ×10,
    Emotions cremated my peace in a drifty.

    Some geometrical shapes did I drew,
    With an old marker pen in black,
    The nib lacked grip with ink very few,
    I regret and left the page blank.

    So I drew on the page with pen of glitters,
    For life is not just a maze of pain,
    In wars of the good and the litter,
    Lies a glitter pen to save you in bane.

    ~ Not every misery is meant to hurt you. Some are meant to make you search for that glitter pen.

    #writersnetwork #mirakee

    PS: I think I am not in senses. No don't worry, I'm not high. Sometimes I write on games related with emotions and this time... stationary objects! I hope this is worth a read and please give me honest opinions. Also, if you have any topics to suggest, you are welcome to place your opinion. (I had a terrible nervous breakdown since the last month and I was unable to write. I am doing quite well now. I hope you all are doing well.)
    @writersnetwork Thank you so much for the ❤️

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