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    Title; No adoration to be found, Earth get ready for the red dawn's storm
    Spoken word poem I have on my Instagram(imagine923) just posted there
    Word meanings:
    Thou; you
    Thine; your
    Dost; do
    Thy; your
    Hath; have
    Thee; you
    Hast; has
    Adoration; deep love and respect.

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    What art thou running to? or running from?
    What are thou searching for? looking behind
    closed doors of thine mind? What is it thou
    dost seek to find? Dost thou lend thy skin
    as a suit to another, warming one on injured
    dog days, and rainy cat nights, like me, dost
    thou hath any idea of things to come already
    in sight. Art thou polite? to elders, the ones
    who birthed thee, the ones by the creator's
    hands hast put thee in them as sprouting
    seeds. O' vague humanity, thou dost search
    for scraps, killing and dealing to get a quick
    buck, forgetting adoration, monkeys now
    thy God's because the elite pushed the stuff.
    Dost thou never get enough? Adoration is
    lost, lusting sensation the norm, O' earth
    get ready for the red dawns storm.

    ©Brandon nagley
    ©lonesome poets poetry