• the97_introvert 76w

    #JeonJungkook ��

    A boy hidden in pockets of his own
    mystique you are, with enigmatic eyes
    that answers only to your tears.

    Your choice never vacillated,
    Your voice quivered not once,
    when the life you left behind printed
    crimson patches of loss on your skin.

    Your smile claims my heart, draping a
    silver lining of your entrancing melody
    to embrace me in utopia.

    Even if my eyes never meet yours,
    I will still wish that smile on your
    face never fades,

    Even if you call this love,
    I will still say that it's much more
    than that.
    As the milky stars once evinced that
    You are the cause of my Euphoria !!!


    #7yearsofBTS 방탄소년단

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    "If you are not mad or
    sad, you won't know
    when you are happy."

    - Jungkook