• hafeezhmha 29w

    A draft.
    My favorite draft.

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    Our poem

    I lay on the couch
    parched and stilted
    Listening to Beatle's Norwegian wood,
    Rendered ineffective
    on a Christmas eve..

    Pour me some wine
    and play truth and dare
    Then let me take you
    To long aimless drives
    Let me give you a reason
    to dance with me at 2 am
    Are you up for it?

    I'm sick of isolation
    put on your shoes and
    let's walk out the door
    I just want this night
    to glimmer more and more
    I shall get you a jean jacket
    and we shall walk together, tonight.
    We would laugh and cry
    until the black sky turns to white,
    We would walk the streets
    heeding the narcotic beats
    We would talk about
    kafka, bukowski and plath
    while our feet stroll
    on the cobblestone path
    We would then reach
    to our destination
    A timeless journey
    our first ever food vacation,

    And then i want to
    lie back again
    in a long reed
    boat with you