• wordsunnvoiced 219w

    Perfectly, perfect.

    To the person reading this;
    You are perfectly, perfect. Do you know why? Because at the end of the line, you gave your every little ounce left in your body to everyone. You've come a long damn way, wandered through the alleys of emotive fears. Every time, being proven wrong, you still had that captivating smile put on those lips, even when you had pain underneath it.
    With those flames you've fought, it made you rugged.Here's the thing for you. You're not allowed to limit yourself. Yes, you aren't. You are sent for something more here, something your spirit deserves. Nobody is going to pick you up, learn to pick yourself up instead. And even if you fail, even if those gloomy days surround your aura, what better way is there to live? To vanquish those clouds and bring the sun up above. And let me tell you, if you think you are merely a drop of water in the ocean, trust me on this; you are the whole damn ocean itself. Everything you see, perceive, matters. Nothing in this world can cage you. You are your soul surviver on the sinking ship. And don't you dare giveup. Make it worth.