• shirleyyy 40w

    The Light Behind The Hills

    It's just another day of being 'fine',
    Another night I look up at the stars that shine.
    Only to find a graveyard of universe filled with dead stars.
    Dead for millions of years,
    And light years behind what happiness ever meant to me.
    But still shining brightly for the eyes of others seeking peace.

    For a second, I try to hold my breath,
    And wonder what it would be like.
    To finally be happy, to be free,
    To stop feeling so incomplete.
    To be in a place where I don't feel lost when I smile.
    I breathe out and find myself wondering with a sigh,
    How miserable I must be,
    To feel more alive in my dreams than my reality.

    Then into the distance the hills catch my sight.
    A flicker of light outlining the lows and the highs.
    Through the darkness, for a few moments, it shined.
    As if it was telling me to hold onto time.
    To not look down when I walk on this tight rope of life.
    A silhouette of future filled with uncertainty.
    Reminding me of something that only I can see.

    I try to keep my balance and make everyone happy.
    I try my best to not look down and dwell in my worries.
    A journey filled with challenges unforeseen,
    To the destination of my dreams.
    Where happiness doesn't seem to be just a fantasy,
    Or a feeling I keep yearning for as I live.

    Where hope is not just a painful wish,
    But a bridge connecting my reality to my dreams.
    I see a person on the other side,
    Smiling with bright eyes,
    Who looks like everything I ever wanted to be.
    A reflection of me from the future,
    Just waiting there for me.

    Just waiting,
    For me to stand in front of that mirror,
    And finally, see.