• rhymesbynick 71w

    Don't Do It

    Sometimes I feel like they just wanna end it
    I can not continue and there is no way to mend it
    It is stupid because I know I won't go through with it
    But the feeling is so strong that I don't know if I can control it
    I have not lived that long but I am so fed up with it
    This life is not at all what I had imagined it
    The truth is I could have achieved so much more and I know it
    I really shouldn't be sitting here ready throw it
    What is it that pushes me towards ending it?
    I should be trying to find a solution to mend it
    I need to get off this cycle and try and break it
    These feelings are wrong and I really do know it
    To those who don't understand I'm going to quickly explain it
    For some life gets harder when you repeatedly fail it
    For others they see a reflection in the mirror and don't like it
    And some can't get happy no matter hard they try at it
    Does anyone else feel like they just wanna end it?
    I hope it's just me as I wouldn't want you to have gone through it
    Should I just end it or should I survive it?
    NO don't do it I know we can make it!