• dlawrence9 67w

    I give

    you have been there when no one else cared
    you have been there when no one else shared
    you have given me laughs so much
    my heart and soul you have touched

    my friend i thank you for the best that you are
    and knowing  you like i have has taken me very far
    i wouldn't trade anything for all the value of gold
    because there'll never be another like you when they broke the mold

    my smiles and my happiness from you i shall give back to you
    because you my friend show me the yellow and never the blue
    you are very sweet and no one could ask anything less
    I'd be a fool if i never say from day to day you have given me your best

    so to you my friend a statue of emotions i build for you
    set high among-est the clouds dedicated to you
    and no weather or or bad times will make it fall
    for you, i give with