• abbu1030 80w


    I often think about you, I always have you in my head but never in my arms. I wish I could show you my soul and be able to see yours so we could have a deeper connection. I wish I wasn't so scared to love you. I know without you I'd be so alone, I have nobody else but you. you make me feel safe in the nights when the medicine takes ever and I'm finally feel numb, at times I feel like being numb all the time. Its definitely better then feeling all the pain. Lately everything hurt but with you i don't need to be numb, you take the pain away. They say I can't love you without loving myself first, I know they're all wrong. Loving you is like putting all the love I couldn't give myself using it for something better. Because I want you to know I love you even tho I'm so scared of losing you. You'd always be the one I'd give this love to