• rhymesbynick 113w

    Pack up and go

    I see these countries that man has created,
    Borders to cross, barbed wire and fences.
    Open spaces and places to visit for ages,
    I want to travel the world well into my
    Pack up and go and let's get on with the show,
    Places to visit on my list, which will grow.
    Up and down hills that are covered in snow,
    Rivers and streams that I do not know.
    Shoulder my backpack and let's get going,
    Unpack and recheck, rather that then not
    Pack too much and I will be blowing,
    Get the map out so I know where I'm homing.
    So many sights that need to be seen,
    I want visit them now, so many places to see,
    People and cultures that will astound me,
    Flora and fauna and picturesque scenes.
    Take enough money for things that cost,
    Bribes at the border, I will take that loss.
    Mountains and deserts to scale and cross,
    Hoping and praying I do not get lost.