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    Probably makes no sense. I wanted to do a story using chained verses and lines. Found it interesting so I tried ��

    Wishing Well

    A wishing well of great importance
    importance that shall not be forgotten
    forgotten and lost people come from all over
    over pain and desperation they seek it
    it dwells within the land of the forsaken

    Forsaken yet tales of it still remains
    remains of the lost are found here
    here where the search for the well ended
    ended yet begins is the eternal cycle of the waters
    waters that's filled with hope that beacons the lost

    Lost but for the ones that found it
    it is salvation that they throw their coins of destiny
    destiny allows them to find it so they can change
    change of the lucky few soaks in the bottom of the well
    well being of their wishes becomes an obsession
    obsession of love that had led them here

    Here lies the wishing well of love
    love is the reason they seek it
    it doesn't dwell in the waters or wishes
    wishes is still sought after by the wicked
    wicked for their hearts has been tainted
    tainted enough that they can't find peace
    peace is the one thing this well can't give

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    Wishing Well

    There is no rest for the wicked still they seek this wishing well