• milliondreamsarekeepingmeawake 20w

    Sometimes it's important to free yourself from the cage of love to fly high in the sky.
    Sometimes you have to leave your loving and caring family behind.

    I will miss you all and your love . I will miss your beautiful heart touching writeups that fill my heart with various emotions . I will miss our conversations on the comment section. I will miss your precious and generous words of appreciation. I will miss my dongsangs who adorably call me eonnie . And i will miss my friends who never forget to tag me on random posts. I will miss some great writers from whom i used to learn a lot. I will miss mirakee but not miraquill. I will miss writersnetwork for some kind reposts as i myself don't know whether i deserve these reposts or not .thanks to those strangers who randomly like and repost my posts without giving it a read.

    Thanks a lot for everything. I love you all from the core of my heart for accepting me and loving me .