• itsssiya 8w

    #nowords #love #friendship #euphoria #wonder #time #prince #star #darkest nights okay so I worte this really fast �� I hope yall like it and I hope everyone is safe stay happy stay positive ����

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    Nothing to say

    Words can't describe how I feel about you
    Nothing I can say nothing I can do
    You light up my world like nobody has before
    Without you my life would be a bore
    We started out as friends and grew Closer and closer
    I don't know how I don't know when but my feelings grew
    I came to love you for you
    Your perfect as you are so don't change
    Wondering how you life would be if we could be ourselves
    I'm waiting for that day to come
    If its 10 years  from now
    I'll try to be by your side
    I wanna be by your side
    I promise when we're together I will love you like nobody else
    When we're apart remember that nothing will ever change I'll still love you like nobody else can
    Treat you like the prince you are
    Make sure that you know  your always my star
    The only one shining bright in my darkest nights