• nishutayal 29w

    Too much too ask for???

    Sometimes I wonder where all this will end ,
    I have been alone all my life.
    Never had close friends who lifted me when i was down,
    Nor a close cousin or relatives who supported me when I needed most,
    Maybe born as first child thought me maturity in childhood, killing that innocence in me.
    Being eldest child distant me from my siblings for some odd reasons,
    And my love life has been a rollercoaster
    But I never complained , but
    Sometimes I crave for that love and care
    Numerous times I feel like shouting and asking ,
    Why me??? But whom do I ask this question
    Don't I deserve some love , care and happiness
    That affection that I am also being loved.
    How can a person be so unlucky
    To not recieve love or care by any means,
    Is it too much too ask for ???

    ©Nishu Tayal