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    Life is a train, people. The mistake we do is we crave to pull the chain of life when darkness engulfs us. But even at the darkest of times, we need to rely on the firefly called hope��

    Edit: The best decision one can ever make is to choose facing difficulties of life rather than ending it. #decisionmaking
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    Thank you for EC. First time��

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    I've boarded this train called life.
    Co-passengers travel along.
    Some smile at me, some scorn at me
    and others just look away.
    My train halts at few stations.
    People depart; some permanently & others
    leave behind their luggages of memories.
    People boards; some knew their destiny
    while others don't.

    Hither I sit, waiting for my destination.
    The window is my mind.
    At times,
    I see rays of sun enter & my eyes glint;
    I see lilacs bloom with vibrant tint;
    I see feuillemort fields resemble my fears;
    Roaring rage of hurricane echo in my ears;
    Downpour from clouds & lashes co-exist;
    Blow of icy cold zephyr numb my chest.

    Now my train passes through a suffocating tunnel.
    Fumes of fearsome darkness fill the sight.
    Everywhere around, not a ray of light.
    I can no longer endure this pain.
    I wanted to pull the chain & stop the train.
    But then I espy a firefly of hope fluttering in dark.
    I watch the firefly & let the darkness embrace me.
    Everything which has an entry, has an exit.
    And this tunnel too.
    I will soon feel sunshine, chirping birds
    and scent of primroses.
    Afterall, I boarded this train to reach
    my destination.
    To relish what's awaiting me over there!