• sukritisingh 55w

    brutal marsh

    The natural laws are badly knitted,
    There's no end of evil once emitted.
    Shifts from worse to worst and better to again worse,
    Annexed under humanity's unjustified curse.
    Focusing on values never simplified one's life,
    Fall displaces you a step closer to strife.
    Crossing every limit for your petty behoof,
    From cruelty, none is set aloof.
    At each step there are pre-set traps,
    Prone to be trapped are wearing vulnerability caps.
    A fixed diametrical defenseless aura,
    That alive flesh has a box of Pandora.
    White once stained with splatter can't be white again,
    Efforts can be made to resist anymore every now and then.
    Unsure that fate and destiny do exist,
    "Only you assist you",is life's gist.
    Learn not to control the situation,
    But master the magnitude of your defection.