• alecmb 38w

    First Love's Glance
    By: Alecmb

    Her rose colored lips
    Remind me of the ambrosia that I used to sip
    While her scent like that of a cool spring night
    Awaiting to greet the early morning light
    While transfixed in a state of ecstasy
    I was charted away into a world of fantasy
    Where I came face to face with the splendid
    God of Love- Cupid
    And to him I succumb and kneel
    For he gave me the power to feel
    When he took our two dead beating hearts
    That at one time were separate and apart
    And bounded them together
    With our love binding them forever.

    And as I awake from my dreamy slumber
    Into the dreary cold December
    Fear and Doubt enters into me
    Begins to consume me, untill I see
    Those warm brown eyes, that vanquish all despair
    I can finally take in a breath of fresh air
    For that was not a dream, nor a fantasy
    But our love was in fact Reality
    And all it took was first love's glance