• jreborne 45w

    Broken Egocentricity

    I was wrapped up in my feelings
    Dealing with the drama of what I didn't have, what a loss and what I can not obtain in the time I wanted to look normal
    Only to find,
    I wasn't meant to fit into the square others boxed me into
    I wasn't planned for the angles he tried to spin for my story
    My climax was not based on what flesh could make me feel and the liberty I sought wasn't in you or me but the one who created my identity
    For this I am unapologetic
    Though I couldn't embrace it,
    Now I get it.
    Gaining the world and losing my soul would have been a coin toss of a penny with a hole.
    Worthless to the toss and invaluable to the worthiness of me.
    I thought I had a plan but your thoughts have superseded my wildest dreams
    Leaving me-centered cities without revenue, my ego plucked and unplugged from inflation.