• versos_rayadas31 84w


    Deliciously he suckled the honey from my womb as it excreted onto the palate of his mouth.
    Immersing himself in my aroma,
    My perfume inebriated his senses.
    Savoring the sweet taste upon his lips with mine.
    Disappearing into the vortex of my being,
    Air escaped his lungs,
    Pleading for reprieve yet clamoring for more of me.
    His tongue laviciously devouring my body,
    Awaiting for the rise and fall of the beat of my heart to burst in gratification.
    Grasping my hips,
    He watches the temple of my being collapse into him,
    Signaling the end of our tango together.
    ©versos.rayadas on IG