• mhnhsn 103w

    Mistake.. s

    Life is paradox of
    Yes and no...
    Sometimes yes can
    Lead to many possibilities,
    Sometimes no is the
    Solution to many queries.
    Every mistake is
    Another take...
    Making you worse or better,
    No matter how smart
    You may be...
    Pondering long, calculating
    Every thing..
    Mistakes are about to happen.
    You can't evade it.
    Its like groping in the dark.
    Don't know where it will take..
    To lost or broken relationships
    To regrets or failures
    or shattered faith...
    Life is collection of
    Numerous mistakes.
    It befooled you time nd again.
    You toiled to come out of
    One to fall in trap
    Of another mistake again..
    Mhn Hsn poetic endeavors