• hamraaz 40w

    She droops over oceans and she jumps over canyons, both jems fall down into a world of opinion...

    8:44 p.m

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    I want to touch your hand and see if your fingers fit into mine while you keep your lips on mine to see how it tastes. I want to touch your face and see your eyes shine bright, while you kiss on my neck and watch me turn red and pink altogether. I want to touch your fingertips and feel the butterflies rushing in my blood, while you hold me a little closer to feel the warmth. I want to look deeper in those eyes of yours that excites me everytime I look at them while you look at my eyes and that pacifies your heart. I want to watch you work all day long as it gives me peace, while you turn around and wink at me setting my heart on fire. I want to count the stars with you, while you search my shadow in the moon....